Featured Trio

Featured Trio



Try a flight!  This box contains our signature drip and espresso blends - Citizen and Denizen, as well as the Ethiopia Girma Eshetu Estate.

Citizen - This signature espresso blend at City of Saints features Colombia San Antonio and Guatemala El Tambor. Citizen relies heavily upon the juicy, summery notes of the Guatemalan, sweetened and refined with the bright melon and red fruit flavors of the Colombian. Together, this becomes a beautiful cup for all purposes, with complex dark fruit notes that cool gracefully, alongside pleasant sweetness and spiciness that pair assertively with milk.

Denizen - This blend is a seasonal pairing of African coffees that we feel combine two of the most beloved flavor singularities of the region – savory dried fruit and airy, tea-like florals. By maintaining a backbone of jammy dark fruit while floating bright florals into the finish, we feel that this blend consistently satisfies the whims of any drip coffee drinker, whether they choose to focus on the juicy foundation and build upon it with milk and sugar, or to simply enjoy the dynamics of the black cup as it cools. In our own cafés, Denizen is the standard offering for drip coffee.

Ethiopia Girma Eshetu - Keffa is located north and west of famed growing regions Sidamo and Yirgacheffe and just a bit southwest of Jimma. For decades, Mr. Girma Eshetu has here been operating his estate, organically producing both washed and dry processed coffees. Among many remarkable Ethiopian offerings of this season, Mr. Eshetu’s resonated with us for its exceptional depth of flavor, offering a spicier and more syrupy body to offset the tea-like floral flavors we love and look for from washed Ethiopians.