Ethiopian Trio

Ethiopian Trio



This winter we are proud to showcase a trio of Ethiopian coffees, each serving as a unique representation of what coffee from this country can taste like.  Look for potent berry brightness from Misty Valley, delicate silky florals from Girma, and jammy purple depth from Konjo.

Ethiopia "Konjo" Guji, Sidamo - Specialty coffee’s increasing emphasis on traceability is a respectable and largely positive trend, but one should not overlook the potential for longer standing and larger scale operations to proliferate great coffees to wider markets. The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange is perhaps the most notoriously familiar of these entities, wherein buyers select and purchase “anonymous” coffees falling into a series of broadly defined categories. Though the system is riddled with problems, criticisms, and represents a degree of estrangement that much of the industry strives to overcome, skilled importers such as our partners at Crop to Cup are nonetheless able to find some truly special coffees we would otherwise never taste. This lot, which Crop to Cup has titled “Konjo”, or “beautiful” in Amharic, lives up to its name, with incredibly sticky and sweet flavors of plum, grape, blueberry and raspberry. If ever a coffee evoked a color, it very well may be the Konjo for its undeniable purpleness.

Ethiopia "Misty Valley" - Misty valley is a rare example of a coffee that has managed to make a name for itself, regardless of the roaster that carries it. Part of the reason for this is that Misty Valley is a dry-process coffee coming from Yirgacheffe, a region better known for its washed offerings. More importantly, it is an exceptionally meticulous rendition of this process, avoiding many of the shortcomings experienced in other dry-processed lots. This procedure entails diligent selection of ripe cherries and constant turning of these intact cherries during the first forty-eight hours of drying before the skin or mucilage of the cherry is removed.  This coffee is a fruit bomb filled with notes of blueberry, hibiscus, and vanilla.

Ethiopia Girma Eshetu - Keffa is located north and west of famed growing regions Sidamo and Yirgacheffe and just a bit southwest of Jimma. For decades, Mr. Girma Eshetu has here been operating his estate, organically producing both washed and dry processed coffees. Among many remarkable Ethiopian offerings of this season, Mr. Eshetu’s resonated with us for its exceptional depth of flavor, offering a spicier and more syrupy body to offset the tea-like floral flavors we love and look for from washed Ethiopians.